Ginjo 7 RED is released!

GINJO 7 SERIES: We found that not only our sake yeast ferments well in beer, it adds unique flavor and aroma that give it a special character. We found that the yeast strain is very versatile and is very active in both lager and ale temperatures. As a hybrid beer/sake brewery, we will be exploring how this yeast performs in other styles of beers. This is the second part in the series called Ginjo 7 RED.

GINJO 7 RED LABEL: Brown ale brewed with sake yeast #701, sansho peppers and orange peel. 6.5% ABV.

INSPIRATION: We love Belgian beers. Our Brown Ale is inspired by Belgian Brown Ales perfect for the cold winter season. No gimmicks, no fruit purees, no excessive hops, not too rich, not too light. We’re going back to basics with this classic style that allows the flavor of the raw grains shine, with a little spicy Nova touch. Traditionally, Belgian beers are often brewed with coriander seeds and orange peel but we switched out the coriander seeds for Sansho peppers.

SANSHO: Sansho (zanthoxylum piperitum) is a Japanese pepper closely related to Sichuan pepper, and offers a lemony aroma with earthy spiciness and that tongue-numbing effect. At first you get that warm malty, bready taste of brown ale, but the finish is strangely addicting and refreshing with subtle citrus and unique spiciness coming from the sansho pepper.

Available for pickup at our tasting room : 16oz single can: $5.50, 4packs :20.00. Now available on our online store at