Sake Kasu


Sake kasu or sake lees are left over rice solids after pressing and withdrawing the sake. Just like our sake, our kasu is all-natural with no additives/preservatives added and is a rich source of protein, vitamins and amino acids.

To promote zero waste of sake production, we never toss the kasu and we have collaborated with several local business to promote the use of this nutritional, vegan, gluten-free ingredient.

Our sake kasu is also higher in moisture/alcohol than the dried ones you get at the supermarket as we do not press our mash completely, making it ideal to be used in cooking and baking. Due to this, our kasu also retains a lot of the ginjo (fruity) sake aroma.

Our sake kasu is the freshest available in LA county as we are the only local craft sake brewery.

What can you make with sake kasu?
Bakery: cake, crackers (would taste like cheese, but vegan), ice cream, bread
Cooking: marinade (rich in umami, tenderizes meat), sake kasu soup, added flavor in miso soup, pasta sauce
Skincare: soap, bath, face masks, lotion